Timoun Kiskeya is supported solely on the generosity of our international donors and the time donated by our volunteer staff. Our recent IndieGogo campaign was incredibly successful, and we are grateful for the support of our friends and donors.

100% of donations are used to pay for transportation for our children, school supplies, in-class snacks and wages for our Haitian staff. You  help us create jobs and educate kids when you donate. We hope to provide well-balanced meals for our students in the future, please consider giving to make that possible.


Want to give even more? Sponsor a child in Haiti!

You can sponsor a child in Haiti by pledging a monthly donation. In Port-au-Prince, it costs roughly $145 each month to deliver complete care to a child. That modest amount is incredibly hard to come by in Haiti.

$12 per month — health insurance: Health insurance covers regular check-ups, emergency hospitalization and most medications when necessary.

$20 per month — education: The cost of education provides teachers and school supplies to children with no other access to education.

$20 per month — necessities: Basic items such as mosquito nets, shoes and clothing can be purchased for this modest amount.

$93 per month — food, water: Most of our children are even more malnourished than those living at neighboring orphanages, we  need to purchase fruit, vegetables and vitamins for our children. $93 per month covers the cost of 3 meals per day for an entire month.

Because our orphanages are scattered about the city, we rarely get visitors — but our kids love to meet new people. All of our donors will be connected with children at our orphanage through letters and photos. We are so grateful for your contributions and want you to become a part of our community.


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