Our Team

Each one of our team members might have a specific ‘job description’ but it is not unusual to find any one of us doing many jobs at one time. Most of us work on a volunteer basis–spending quality time with these kids is more than thanks enough.

            We’re looking for volunteers to help with Summer Camp. Contact us for more details.

Timoun Kiskeya Team

The Timoun Kiskeya team visits Frem Orphanage during final exams (Fall 2012).

Frantz LaFaille

Frantz Lafaille, Project Manager

In addition to coordinating every last detail of Timoun Kiskeya, Frantz manages to keep his day job at Haiti Communitere by working as the organization’s Groundskeeper. Since the 2010 earthquake, Frantz has made it a personal mission to advocate on behalf of vulnerable kids in Port-au-Prince. His passion for children’s rights caused him to found an organization called Future for the Kids and prepared him to fill this much-needed role within Timoun Kiskeya.

Willio Deseme

Willio Deseme, Lead Educator

Willio is a student at Future Generations Graduate School and a community activist in Site Soley. In addition to achieving fluency in a variety of languages, Willio has a personal passion for the history of his neighborhood and of his country. As a child in Haiti, Willio’s education was sponsored by donors in the United States thus causing his personal commitment to educating the next generation of leaders.

Ernso Georges

Ernseau Georges, Assistant Educator and Chauffeur

Ernseau was born and raised in a beautiful neighborhood in Site Soley and has an amazing ability to do three or four jobs at once. Always with a smile on his face, Ernseau brings his passion for motorcycles and a strong anti-tobacco stance to the Timoun Kiskeya team.

Amanda Keating

Amanda Keating, Fundraising & Communications

After living and working at a destitute orphanage in Bon Repos, Amanda recognized the most urgent need in Haiti to be education for children and took the initial steps to start Timoun Kiskeya.

Amanda is grateful to everyone who has made Timoun Kiskeya a success, but is mostly thankful that her fellow team members have been patient with her terrible Creole and anxiety over the past year.

In her ‘spare’ time Amanda also serves as the Communications Director at Haiti Communitere.


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