Thank You

Without the support of friends from around the world, Timoun Kiskeya wouldn’t be possible. Our kids and staff would like to extend a special ‘thank you’ to the following donors:

Adam Sayer                        Alisan Amrhein                        Amanda Branch                        Andrew Rissler

Anushka Sehmi                        Anja Wiersing                        Arielle Siegel                        Aysha Hidayatullah

Bess Adler                        Bambi & Marcos Ballesteros            Betsy Cox                        Brian Zunner

Brittnie Grajeda                        Carly Jacques                        Casey Kloehn                        Christy Hedlund

Dani Siragua                        Debra Sankovitz                        Debra Scott                        Elena David

Elisa Decker                        Faith Zunner                        Fede Buja                        Georgia Keating

Hadas Reich                        Heloise Dumont                        Jana Yee                        Jayne & Scott Keating

Jennifer Yoohana                        Jessica Reid                        Jessica Sachs                        Jessyca Scott

Joel Rosario                        Kaie Raig                        Kevin Jones                        Kristen Haywood

Lori Wethington Davis            Marie LeDonne                        Mark Buhlig                        Meagan Kensil

Megan Hayes                        Nadine W-King                        Neha Kamboj                        Phoebe Rusch

Rene Urbanovich                        Rich Sievers                        Rosie Urbanovich            Sarah Graves

Sharon Cummings            Stephanie Nielsen

We are also grateful for the generosity of our anonymous donors.


Contact us to donate to our program, or to sponsor a child’s education.


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